Wise Studies brings you high quality audio education courses to enrich your lifelong contemplative study. Our goal is to cover the texts and teachings of the major contemplative traditions, east and west. Wise Studies courses are taught by experts in their field, academics and scholars who have devoted their careers to studying and teaching their subjects. They present ancient wisdom with a scholarly interpretation of these invaluable teachings. We make their knowledge accessible via in-depth and engaging audio courses.

Wise Studies’ mission is to make a real contribution to the expansion of contemplative study in the modern world. Quality academic research is much needed in the spiritual marketplace. With the growing popularity of spiritual practice there are many misunderstandings and misinterpretations that inevitably occur. Wise Studies courses can help clarify these confusions through a deeper understanding of the traditions, shining a light with up to date research, current translations and interpretations.

We hope you soak in as much as you can from our Wise Studies courses. If you are like us, spiritual enthusiasts hungry for knowledge, we know you will love what we have to offer.

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